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Your ppi Media team

Automation as a value.

Our end-to-end solution is the most efficient implementation with an industry 4.0 architecture for media companies.


ROI-driven architecture for the highest possible efficiency in the industry.

Central data hub

Synchronization in real-time with all core components connected via one central data hub.

Deep integrations

Tight third-party integration via interfaces into the communication architecture.

What’s in it for me?

Implementing a centralized data hub for the end-to-end publishing workflow provides the highest possible efficiency, transparency, speed and synchronization of all involved resources. All departments are supported by highly automated background processes to optimize cost-benefit outcome and team collaboration. The high rate of automation leads to less hardware and smaller teams and to a higher output at the same time. 

Maximum efficient

In our ROI-driven structure all core components are on one central data hub & synchronized at any time.

Maximum automated

Our Industry 4.0 architecture secures a high-end automation of all processes and across organizational structures.

Maximum scalable

Handling of complex product and production structures of any dimension is our daily business.




  • Decentral production teams collaborating on one central production hub
  • Unlimited number of print sites, publications and commercial jobs
  • Predictive volume analysis


  • Integration to any ad booking system
  • Highly automated ad pagination
  • Support of mixed grids and paper sizes

Content Creation

  • InDesign as state-of-the-art layout tool
  • Two-way integration of any web CMS
  • Connect online to print easily


  • First-needed/first-out functionality for your press workflows
  • Dynamic & priority driven automatic page assembly
  • Support of any plate formats


  • Omni-channel publishing based on one initial story
  • Providing pages and XML information for e-paper
  • Multi-usage of page PDF

Case Study

Advance Local


Implementing an end-to-end workflow from planning to plate production for more than 100 publications in 12 print sites and external printers.


The DAL’s modules PlanPag, Output Management and JobEntry make it easy and transparent to manage the daily variations for unlimited number of publications and commercial jobs. The ROI is tremendous, because no additional hardware is required at the print sites. It’s a cloud-based installation and a small team manages the workflows from a centralized planning & production hub.

Case Study

Jagran Prakashan


Planning and production of one of the world’s largest daily newspapers Dainik Jagran with more than 200 local editions and over 30 print sites.


The modules PlanPag, ProPag, AdPag and AdMan of the Digital Assembly Line allow a central administration of production data with decentralized production of the numerous different local editions due to their intelligent networking. Production data can be delivered to any of the connected locations because the communication processes within the DAL immediately assign this data correctly.

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