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Enterprise publishing workflow

Complex demands require efficient solutions.
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Optimize your print workflow

Our end-to-end solution is the most efficient product for media companies with industry 4.0 architecture. Transform your business from single-site publishing to enterprise-wide publishing!

Cut Costs

Reduce your print, maintenance and license costs while increasing your throughput. The high-end automation of all processes ensures less hardware and more enterprise wide standards.

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Streamline your organizsation

Boost your efficiency by streamlining your organization and simplifying your production landscape. Establish a common technology stack for all print locations with our cloud-based solution.

Optimize your staff

Save money with smaller yet highly efficient teams managing workflows from a centralized planning and production hub. All departments are supported by highly automated processes to optimize team collaboration.

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ppi Media has provided us with a complete end-to-end solution that has met our needs by allowing us to consolidate our workflows and improve our business continuity while increasing our overall efficiency and productivity.

Matt Fleming
Director of Operations at Advance Local

What’s in it for me?

As we look towards the future, we will stay on our toes and remain curious. We will do anything it takes to make sure our products and services always inspire you. 

  • Automated Workflows

    The high-end automation of all processes across various organizational structures.

  • Maximum scalable

    The handling of complex product and production structures with unlimted number of editions and printing sites.

  • Central data hub

    Real-time synchronization with all core components connected via one central data hub.

  • Deep integration

    The high-end automation of all processes across various organizational structures.

  • Enterprise-wide standards

    No more silo solutions with disparate systems or independent software stacks.

  • Cloud-based / centralized

    Fewer downtimes, wasted resources and costs with no local hardware.

Discover the modules

No other company maps the entire newspaper production process with its solutions as comprehensively as we do. 

Planning & classified pagination

Easily integrate any ad booking system and make the most of highly automated ad pagination.


Content creation

Easily transfer from online to print with state-of-the-art InDesign layout tool and two-way integration of any web CMS.
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Ad management

Ensure closed-loop integration with planning and ad order entry system and automatic pagination of legal ads.


The Flexible cockpit is suitable for all media channels, interpreting and checking all your print data.

Output management & press integration

Use the first-needed/first-out function for your press workflows with unlimited presses and no local hardware.


Reverse publishing

Bidirectionally synchronize your print and online media. Easily gemerate high-quality PDFs and print materials from your digital content. 

Case studies

Case Study

Advance Local

Implementation of an end-to-end workflow from planning to plate production for more than 100 publications in 12 print sites and external printers.

Case Study

Jagran Prakashan

The planning and production of one of the world’s largest daily newspapers Dainik Jagran with more than 200 local editions and over 30 print sites. 

We are your reliable

We have been known in the media industry for over 35 years, producing reliable and sustainable software solutions made in Germany. 

100 million


are estimated to use the newspaper products made using ppi Media software every day.


support 365 days a year

is provided around the world in two languages on demand.



newspaper editions

are produced with ppi Media software every day.

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